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S.S. Titanic

Cape Race

April 14

Mrs. Geo. E. Graham,

240 Dufferin st.,

Toronto, Canada

New York, Wednesday morning. Wire me Sandy Hook. Well

Geo E. Graham.

A husband nearing home, a wife receiving with joy the message that assured her of her husband's welfare. Then the news which has been received with deepest sadness by the whole world, and with agony by those who have learned that all in likehood their dear ones will never again be their's beneath the stars.

This is one of the many tragic stories connected with the foundering of the Titanic, and it concerns a woman sojourining in this city, a woman who is waiting in terrible sorrow and suspense, clinging day and night to the little slip of paper which seems to stand between her and the worst--to be an assurance that all may yet be well with her husband.


It was Sunday afternoon when Mrs. Graham received the Marconigram given above. She had come down from Winnipeg a few days previously to meet her husband, and was planning happily the return journey when she retired Sunday night. On Monday morning came the terrible news of the collision. Later despatches roused in her heart a hope--more, almost a certainty--that her husband would be saved. This morning, weeping, sorrowing as bereaved ones alone can sorrow, she has learned what took place off the Newfoundland Banks.


Mr. Graham's name does not appear on the passenger list of the Titanic, and of course it is not yet known for a certainty that he is missing from the 866 saved.

When The Telegram called at the home of Mrs. Graham's friends this morning, Mrs. Graham saw the reporter, and running from her room asked, as she wept, if anything further had been heard. Hard it was to be able to give no hopeful tidings to the one so hungry and thirsting for it.

Mrs. Graham is staying at the home of her brother-in-law, Mr. John D. Graham, 240 Dufferin st. Brother (sic) sister-in-law and nephew share in her grief and suspense.


There are no little ones, for about a year ago, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Graham, a baby boy, who had lived but a year, went to the land beyond.

For some time the husband and wife lived in Toronto after their marriage, Mr. Graham as manager of the china department of the T. Eaton store. When the company opened up the new store in Winnipeg in 1905, he was called thither (sic?) to take charge of the same department.

Mr. Graham is known as one of the most genial of men, and has many friends in this city. He was born 37 years ago in Galt, where his father now lives.

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