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He died 60 years after the Titanic. Tennis club lost honour member . On the April 15 1912 he experienced the most terrible night in his life.

In February this year Alfred Nourney celebrated his 80 birthday, now he died. Many people in Bad Honnef are mourning, not at least the members of the Tennis Club "Rot-Weiss" where he became an honour member three years ago. The Koln man who several years ago settled in Bad Honnef had survived the Titanic sinking. April 15 1912. Due to his special technical education he became a salesman for Daimler-Benz AG. During the years 1920 - 1930 he was successful when he took part in motor sport competitions. As globetrotter he was often travelling around the world. When he was away he collected useful knowledge. He was a warm friend of the beatiful tennis sport.

He never forgot April 15 1912. He was going to be cremated in Køln.

In 1912 the 20 years old Alfred trevelled together with his mother to Paris. Alfred asked his mother to buy him a ticket for the voyage Southampton New York with the Titanic. The Frence passengers were handsome fellows, they travelled in two special tranis from Paris to Cherbourg. The price for the cabin Alfred used on the Titanic was 800 Mark, quite a fortune in those days.

Sunday evening Alfred had put on his best coat and eaten in the dining room. After that he went to the smoking room where he met some friends and played bridge with them. Shortly after 24 o clock there was an unusual movement in the ship. The group of gentlemen in the smoking room continued to play, Only Alfred was uncomfortable. He took his coat and hurried to deck. Everything was completely quiet, only the sound of Titanics engine. But suddenly the machine swung 50000 horsepower. What has happened? Alfred hurried to a small iron stairs, which he had discovered during his trips through the ship earlier in the week He went up to the tennis place . And what die he see?The Tennis place was under water. Lost swimmt a couple of tennis balls around. Alfred hurried back to the smoking room. But the gentlemen did not take notice of his warnings. "This is nothing" said an American. The music continued. Alfred hurried to the small "Wendeltreppe", ran to the deck above- There the mates were prepairing the lifeboats. Th passengers were woken up and told what had happened. Still the doors to the above deck were closed.

The commando [?] women and children first changes into chaos. Some officers take up their revolvers. Alfred found a place in boat three. That boat was the first launched. Suddenly the lights on the Titanic disappeared, the back on the ship was hit by fire.A few hours later the survivors, Alfred included were picked up by Carpathia, and arrived New York April 18.

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