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Booth Line Says Disturbances Make Deliveries Uncertain
Political disturbances at Manaos, State of Amazonas, have interrupted navigation on the River Amazon. The Booth American Shipping Corporation, 17 Battery Place, announced yesterday that at present it could not guarantee the delivery of cargo for Manaos or Iquitos or for any place in the Amazon region beyond Para.

"While we hope that this condition is very temporary, it is impossible to determine haw long it will continue," says the company's announcement.

Dr. Alexander Hamilton Rice and Mrs. Rice, who formerly was Mrs. George D. Widener of Philadelphia, who are at the head of a scientific expedition seeking the headwaters of the Orinoco and mapping stretches of the Amazon, were at Manaos when the disturbances developed, but according to advices from the American Consul at Manaos their expedition was unaffected.

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