American Red Cross Emergency and Relief Booklet (1)

No. 205. (English). The husband, a fireman on the Titanic was drowned. He is survived by his wife living in Canada and earning a living for her two children as a charwoman. Her eldest boy, fourteen years of age, works in an office, earning five dollars a week. The widow, who is not strong, was seriously ill after the disaster, and the appropriation of this Committee was sent to provide medical treatment and necessary living expenses. As her husband was a member of the crew of the Titanic, letters were written immediately to ascertain whether the widow could recover under the English Workmen's Compensation Act. Information was received that she had deserted her husband, that her youngest child does not belong to him, and that, for four years before his death, she had not been dependent on him for her support. She has letters from him, however, indicating that he expected soon to rejoin her and the children. A small fund was raised for her benefit by the citizens of the city in which she lives, and is now on deposit in the bank. In addition, she has received 50 from the English relief fund. ($100).

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