An Anguished Sister

Le Petit Journal

Melle Leroy, a maid from Bouvigny-Boyefles (Pas-de-Calais), recently received from her sister who is a chambermaid to the Douglases, a postcard telling her that she was sailing with her employers for New-York.
Two days after she received the postcard, the young lady read about the terrible disaster to the Titanic.
Worried, she read again the postcard she received from her sister.

Indeed, that was the liner she boarded in Cherbourg.
Melle Leroy had a cable sent to the White Star Line, situated rue Scribe.

She was told then that her sister’s name did not appear on the list of survivors.

You can easily imagine the lady’s pain. She was just about to embark for Paris, when a second letter from the White Star Line stated that her sister was a survivor and that she was safe and sound in New-York.

Her sister’s name had been spelt as Berthe Lavory.

The mistake being corrected, Mr. Martin, general agent to the White Star Line, hurriedly sent the tidings to Melle Leroy’s family.

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