West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.

Port of Registry:  West Hartlepool
Flag of Registry:  British
Signal letters:  P  Q  N  S
Steel hull, one funnel, two masts, single screw, spar deck, steel
Company flag:  Blue, large yellow cross at center

Sailed from Narvik for Philadelphia 25 March.  On 8 April encountered and soon was encircled by ice.  A heavy fog impeded her evasive action.  She broke free on 9 April and was soon away from the mass of ice, though still in the presence of many detached bergs.  On April 11 the haze reappeared and she passed close to three large bergs parallel to her course.  On 14 April Annie encountered a storm of heavy wind, thick sleet and constant rain.  Running short of fuel, she was forced to put into Halifax for coal, and arrived in Philadelphia 23 April, eight days behind schedule.

Tonnages:  gross  3,743    underdeck  3,556   net   2,445
Dimensions:  length   340 ft.  width  47.1 ft.  depth  19.3 ft
Poop:  31 ft.  bridge  105 ft.  foc’sle  31 ft.
Engines:  constructed by W. Allen & Co., Ltd., Shields, triple expansion, 3 cyl. 25”  40”  66” by 45” stroke

1897    Built by Furness, Withy & Co., West Hartlepool (Yard no. 230)

1897, April  Launched

1914    Acquired by Maindy Shipping Co., Ltd. (Jenkins, Richards & Evans, Ltd.)

1916    Renamed Maindy Abbey

1920    Sold to A. de Berienuca San Sebastian, Spain, renamed Lolin

1934    Broken up

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