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Another Titanic Hero : Mr Patrick O'Keefe

Cork Examiner

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Another Titanic Hero : Mr Patrick O'Keefe

Mr Patrick O'Keefe photographed on his arrival at New York, after his heroic act in the Titanic disaster, which was fully described by the New York paper “American” as follows: “An act of heroism was performed by Mr Patrick O'Keefe who, plunging into the sea from the steerage deck, managed to capture a collapsible raft on which he first pulled an Englishman from Southampton then a Guernsey Islander, and after that with the assistance of those he had already rescued, some 20 other men and women, who were finally landed safely on board the Carpathia. O’Keeffe’s success in rescuing lives on the raft was one of the many providential avenues of escape provided for the steerage passengers.

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