Senator Convinced His Brother Perished When Titanic Sank

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Miss A. E. Isham, Formerly of Chicago, Probably Lost


Senator Convinced His Brother Perished When Titanic Sank

Miss Anne Elizabeth Isham, a passenger on the Titanic and listed among the missing, was a former Chicago girl. She was a daughter of Edward S. Isham who died ten years ago. He was the senior member of the law firm of Isham, Lincoln & Beale.

Miss Isham for the last nine years has been living abroad. Most of the time she has resided in Paris, with her sister, Mrs. Harry Shelton, formerly of New York.
While living in Chicago she was a leader in Chicago society circles. She was a member of the Friday Club and the Scribbler's club. Edward S. Isham, a brother, is living in New York. Miss Isham was on her way to spend the summer with him.

Mrs. H. H. Porter Jr. of 1822 Astor avenue is a cousin of Miss Isham. During the summer she expected to visit friends in Chicago.

Mrs. F. R. Kenyon of New York, whose name appears on the survivors' list, is a sister of Mrs. George P. Baldwin of Oak Park. Mrs. Kenyon was accompanied by her husband, but he is not mentioned as saved. He was formerly associated with Charles G. Stevens in a steel company at 27 South Jefferson street.

Mrs. Baldwin has not received any direct word from her sister.

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