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Miss Marie Young, of Washington, Tells of Aid's Heroism and Calmness
Musical tutor to the younger children of former President Roosevelt. She had been studying music in Europe and was returning to Washington to teach.
New York, April 19---"I left the Titanic on the last boat. The last person on the Titanic to whom I spoke was 'Archie' Butt, and his good, brave face smiling at me from the deck of the steamer was the last I could distinguish as we left the steamer's side.

“Archie put me in a boat. He entered it with me, wrapped blankets around me and tucked me in as carefully and as courteously as though we were preparing for a motor ride. He did all this with a smiling face as though death were far away instead of imminent.

When he had carefully wrapped me up, he stepped back, lifted his hat and smiled again.

"‘Good-by, Miss Young,' he said, ‘luck is with you. Kindly member me to the folks back home.'

"The the boat was lowered to the water. As we pulled away, Archie was still standing at the rail looking down at me. His hat was raised, and the same brave smile was on his face."


Mark Baber, USA


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