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Cestrian, sister ship to the Armenian, seen here at Harland and Wolff's Belfast yard following completion.
(courtesy Lawrence Dunn, Famous Liners of the Past-Belfast-Built)

Westbound, Liverpool to Boston.  On arrival at Boston 12 April reported that on 7 April had encountered a large ice field north and east of Cape Race at 42 degrees 36’N. by 49 degrees 36” W., extending for a distance of 70 miles.

Port of Registry:  Liverpool
Flag of Registry: BritishFunnel: pink with black top
Company flag: red
Signal letters:  P B V C
Steel hull, single funnel, single screw, 3 steel decks, electric light
Tonnages:  gross  8,825  net  5,754
Dimensions:  length 512.5 ft.  width  59.2 ft.  depth  35 ft.
1895 Built and engineered by Harland and Wolff, Ltd., Belfast
         Yard No. 292
Engines:  triple expansion, 3 cyl. 31”, 52”, 86”by 66” stroke
190 pound op. steam pressure, 718 NHP, 13 knots
Accommodation:  60 second class passengers

1895, 25 July  launched
1895, 19 Sept.  sea trials
1895, 28 Sept. maiden voyage, Liverpool-Boston
1899-1902, Boer War troop transport
1903, As a unit of the International Mercantile Marine Co., was transferred to White Star Line cargo service without actual change of ownership
1903, 8 May   first voyage Liverpool-New York, six return visits, also intermittently engaged in later service with the White Star Line.
1915,  torpedoed and sunk off Trevose Head, Cornwall by a German submarine, U-24, with a loss of 20 lives.

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