Harold Bride's father wrote to the New York Times in order to express his gratitude to those who assisted his son in America.

New York Times

To the Editor of the New York Times:

Now that the excitement attendant upon the loss of the Titanic has subsided, will you please allow me through your columns to thank all those on your side of the Atlantic who so kindly rendered help and assistance to my dear son, Harold S. Bride, the second Marconi operator, who was rescued, this being the only means whereby I am able to express my gratitude to them for their kindness?  His health is much improved and he is able again to resume his duties.  May I also thank The New York Times for so kindly placing their resources at out disposal for cabling purposes, a courtesy which I much appreciated.

His family were very gratified to read  the very favourable report which Senator Smith was good enough to make on the fearless manner in which he and his colleague Phillips had stood to their posts in the face of death and carried out their duties, whereby in a large measure so many lives had been saved from the disaster.

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