Arthur Keefe May Be Missing On Liner Titanic

Rahway Daily Record

Rahway people, while horrified at the astounding disaster which overtook the gigantic ocean liner Titanic and at the terrible loss of life which accompanied the disaster, have a close personal feeling in the matter, inasmuch as one of its citizens, and one who is well known to a majority of residents, may possibly have been on board the ill fated vessel.

Arthur Keefe of East Rahway, Artie, as he is better known, or perhaps best of all as the Mayor of the Bronx, is supposed to have sailed from England about the date the Titanic left Southampton.

No definite information has been received by his family here either one way or the other. Mr. Keefe sailed several weeks ago for a business and pleasure trip through England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. He remembered all his friend in Rahway by sending them from Ireland a box of shamrocks timed to reach this city on St. Patrick’s day. Postals were received from his [sic] yesterday stating that he intended to sail for America on April 10 from London. Since that no communication has been received from him, and it is not known whether he sailed on the Titanic or not. All here hope that he chose some other vessel, but his
family fear the worst.

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