Titanic survivor recalls boy crew member

Southern Evening Echo

Titanic survivor 77-year-old Mr Lee James Hyland, of Sarnia Court, Boniface Crescent, Lordshill, Southampton who recalls Fred Allen a boy crew member mentioned in reference the playing of the Titanic Hymn. Allen, who lost his life in the disaster was last seen by Mr Hyland jumping off one of the deck housings onto the boat deck. "We had been ordered to Boat Stations at the time, I saw him go forward but did not see him again." Allen was either a lift or bell boy and I knew him well. Mr Hyland was in charge of passengers on the lower decks got away in one of the boats, had to get into the boat to free the tackle which had jammed, he said. Mr Hyland went back to sea after the disaster, working in all types of ships from tramps to liners before retiring a few years ago.

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