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Astor to Dynamite Titanic

New York Evening Journal

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A plan to blow up the wreckage of the Titanic with a powerful explosive in order to recover the body of John Jacob Astor, one of the passengers who was carried down, is being seriously considered to-day by Vincent Astor, son of the late Colonel.

Young Astor, who is grief-stricken over his father's death, it was said, will to-day take up the matter with one of the large wrecking companies. He has been assured that it is feasible by his friends and is prepared to go to any expense, it was said, to recover his father's body.

I. J.Merritt, of the Merritt Chapman Wrecking Company, told an Evening Journal reporter to-day that he had not been communicated with as yet by representatives of young Astor.  When the plan was explained to him, he said

"It is certainly feasible.  The most difficult problem would be to locate the wreck.  I understand that  the White Star Company has a fairly good idea as to where the Titanic sank, but it would take some time to find her by the use of soundings.

"Having found the boat, the rest would not be difficult, although we would be compelled to completely wreck the boat. A large quantity of gun cotton, between 300 and 400 pounds, heavily weighted, would be dropped into the wreckage.

"An electric wire, connected with a battery, would be 'touched off''.  We could use other explosives, if necessary, and the force of the explosions would be sure to bring all of the bodies to the surface."

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