Wife's Lawyers Fail to Ask for a Final Divorce Decree
Special to The New York Times
WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., Feb. 18---It had been expected that the application of the attorneys for Mrs. Ava Willing Astor for a final decree of divorce from her husband, Col. John Jacob Astor, would come up to day before Supreme Court Justice Mills, in Special Term here, but none of the attorneys appeared.

The time limit within which Mrs. Astor may apply for the final judgment following the granting of the interlocutory decree three months ago expires on the last day of this month.

Justice Mills was asked if he had heard from the attorneys for Mrs. Astor. He said that none of them had been before him, and that he had received no word as to when they would apply for the decree.

The failure to take the final judgment leads many to believe that there may be a reconciliation between the couple.

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  1. pbr90 said:

    The Astors appear to be the targets of considerable malicious events throughout history but without much defense or litigation that rises to the level that most people expect of anyone in America, much less the wealthy. That they may be chosen scapegoats may be attributable to their wealth, or to the fact that they were incorrigible people; that much has not been made clear, but newspapers are awash with considerable below the radar remnants of hostility and animosity, curiously, unworthy of a judiciary that claims itself capable of serving all.

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