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Carpathia's Captain and His Officers Get an Ovation at the Winter Garden
New Yorkers had an opportunity last night to show the esteem in which Capt. Rostron and the other members of the ship's company of the Carpathia have been held since their rescue of the Titanic survivors, when Al Jolson, the comedian, at the end of one of his numbers at the Winter Garden, told the audience that Capt. Rostron and other officers from the Carpathia were in a box on the right of the auditorium. At the mention of the name of the Captain and the ship every person in the big audience stood up and cheered, shouting Capt. Rostron's name and asking for a speech. When Mr. Jolson succeeded in quieting the audience the orchestra played "The Star Spangled Banner," and every one stood until the first verse was through. The music then changed to "God Save the King," the audience still standing. Lawrence d'Orsay and José Collins, the two English members of the Winter Garden company, came out on the stage and sang the words.

But that did not satisfy the members of the audience. They wanted a speech, and after insistent demands, Capt. Rostron stood up in his box and made a modest, short address to the audience. He said that he and all of the officers and crew of the Carpathia appreciated the honor that was being shown them. He had been coming to this country for many years, he said, and he numbered among his closest and dearest friends, he declared, the Americans he had learned to know. He thanked every one for the ovation he had received and declared he would never forget it.

With Capt. Rostron were Surgeon McGill, [sic] Third Officer Reese, Fourth Officer Barmish, and Officer Ruth. Their box was draped with an American flag.

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