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Infant and Nurse Sole Survivors of family on the Titanic


Tiny Voyager Reunited With Mourning Brother on Pier as Carpathia Docked.

In the row marked “A” where relatives were supposed to find all survivors whose last names began with that letter, there was a pathetic scene enacted during the early part of mast night. It was the reuniting of a ten-months-old baby, the baby’s nurse and its brother – all that was left of the Allison family, of Manhattan. F. L. Allison is the brother, and he is only 22 years old. He lives at 559 Madison avenue, Manhattan, and when the list of rescued posted at the White Star offices on Tuesday showed “Master Allison and Nurse,” and the list of passengers registered on the Titanic the Allison family as H. J. Allison, Mrs. Allison and maid, and Miss Allison, the young man refused to believe it.

Last night Kate Andrews, the nurse, sadly disembarked, wandered aimlessly down the long pier to “A,” and sat down listlessly in a chair. She was weeping, and carried nestled close to her breast a baby. F. L. Allison staggered as the full truth dawned upon him.

He petted the baby and comforted the nurse, but his voice trembled as he talked to reporters and he was only able to gather an incoherent story of what had happened from the maid.

Miss Andrews thought that the other two women had been passengers in one of the ill-fated lifeboats that sank. What became of Mr. Allison seemed an entire mystery to her. She answered questions like one in a dream, between spasmodic outbursts of uncontrollable grief.

They hurried away, the nursemaid with the baby close to her heart, leaning heavily on the young man.

The face of another woman passenger who was near by whitened, and a man put a bottle of spirits to her lips. The group of curios dwindled. No one spoke.


Note: The Allison's nurse was Alice Cleaver not 'Kate Andrews'.

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