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Mr. and Mrs. Allison and Young Daughter Go Down with 1,000 Others on Titanic

New York, April 19---There is one survivor of the fateful disaster off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland who is not aware that the Titanic went to the bottom with 1,600 persons, including his father, mother and little sister.

     This survivor is Travers Allison, eleven-months old, who is at the Hotel Manhattan with the nurse and two maids who were saved with him.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Allison, Montreal, and sister, Loraine, 3 1/2 years old, were left on the deck of the Titanic when the last lifeboat was lowered.

     Two brothers of Mrs. Allison, George B. Allison and Percy W. Allison, came from Montreal to meet their nephew.  They did not abandon hope that Mr. and Mrs. Allison had been rescued until the Carpathia reached her pier.  Mr. Allison was a menber of a banking firm of Montreal.

     Mrs. Allison was well known in Milwaukee.

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