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Aix-les-Bains Correspondent Tells of the Financier's Strenuous "Cure"
By Marconi Transatlantic Wireless Telegraph to The New York Times
LONDON, May 3---An Aix-les-Bains correspondent says:

"J. Pierpont Morgan, who is accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Burns, and
their two friends, Mrs. J. Markoe and Miss F. Rhett of New York, has
been undergoing a strenuous cure for some time past, and intends to
continue the treatment for some weeks longer. It is not a perfunctory
matter with Mr. Morgan, for he spends most of the morning between the
thermal establishment and the Zander Institute, and, when masseurs have
finished with him, it is luncheon time.

"After luncheon Mr. Morgan replies through his secretary to the daily
stack of letters. telegrams, and cablegrams as rapidly as possible and
generally goes out for a motor-cab drive with his sister.

"After dinner cards are played in the family circle for an hour or so,
usually bridge at a franc a hundred points.

"The following morning Mr. Morgan is up betimes to continue the cure,
which, it is stated, is doing him a great deal of good."

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