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Youth Says Sailors Tried to Keep Him In Water
Mrs. Catherine Evers of 446 Broadway, Bayonne, N. J., whose brother. Thomas McCormick of 38 West Twentieth Street, Bayonne was a second cabin passenger on the Titanic, visited him yesterday in St. Vincent's Hospital. She said:

"My brother, who is 19 years old, went to Ireland six months ago to visit relatives. With his cousins, John and Philip Kiernan of Grove and Second Streets, Jersey City, he took passage on the Titanic from Queenstown. The Kiernan boys were drowned.

"My brother is suffering from wounds he says were inflicted on his head and arms by sailors of the Titanic. He was asleep when the ship hit the iceberg and awoke and dressed. He said he had to fight his way past members of the crew to the upper decks.

"When he saw the condition of the ship he put on a lifebelt and leaped overboard. He tried to get into one lifeboat which was only partly filled and the sailors beat him off with their oars. He tried to enter another partly filled boat and was again beaten off, being partly stunned this time.

“Then two young women in the boat, Kate and Mary Murphy, reached into the water and grasped him. They pleaded with the sailors that there was plenty of room in the boat, and at last got him aboard."

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