Rescue of Mrs Becker

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Dr L. B. Wolf Secretary of Foreign Missionary Board of The General Synod Lutheran Church, tells that he met Mrs Becker, a Lutheran missionary from India, returning on the ill-fated Titanic, at New York when the Carpathia docked with the Titanic’s survivors.  Mrs Becker quietly told of escape as follows:

When the shock came she went into the gangway and inquired of the steward the cause of confusion.  She was told what happened and being assured of safety was told to retire. The three children were in bed. Twenty minutes later the steward called her and shouted ‘All hands on deck.’ She awakened the children and wanted to dress them but was told there was no time.  She grasped shoes and stockings and in their night clothes rushed them on deck, where the two smaller children were put in to lifeboat No.18 [sic]. She appealed to be placed in with them, and as the boat was being lowered, she was thrown in with the two small children.  Ruth was left behind and placed into the next boat lowered and she found her on board the Carpathia.  She says she saw the Titanic slowly sink bow first, and after the explosion disappear. She is resting at the home of Rev. Becker’s brother at Benton Harbour Mich. Dr Wolf cabled Rev. Becker of their escape.

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