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Bedroom Steward's final letter home

Titanic letter dated 11 April 1912 posted at Queenstown

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Bedroom Steward's final letter home
Edward Stone's letter on "Titanic" headed notepaper

A bedroom steward on the Titanic sent a final affectionate letter to his wife back in Southampton. 

Edward Stone had previously served aboard the American Line's SS New York, coincidentally the same ship with which the Titanic nearly collided as she left Southampton (see The New York Incident).   In his letter Stone refers in somewhat derogatory terms to the crew from that line that were aboard the Titanic.

My darling wife,

We did try to cause some excitement before we left eh. I don't know whether you see it [presumably referring to the New York Incident, suggesting Mrs Stone had attended the departure and might have witnessed the incident].  

It's very nice weather.  I don't think this will be the crowning trip for we have all the transfers from the American Line. Anyhow we'll do the best we can trusting we shall bring something good from the other side.

When you write to Plymouth, you had better write on the Monday before we get in. Anyhow you can see what time we will be getting in then use your own discretion.

Well my pet, you must excuse short letter, you know my feelings. 

I hope you told Mrs Kelly about the railway ticket.

Ta ta sweetheart. With all of my fondest love to my dear little wife. Yours ever your loving husband Ted'.

Edward Stone lost his life in the disaster.

The letter and other mementoes relating to Edward Stone will be sold at Henry Aldridge & Son's Titanic auction in Devizes on 20 June 2020.

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