Belfast Titanic Memorial has too many names!

The Titanic Wall in Belfast contains the names of 1,512 alleged Titanic victims but there are 16 victims too many on the wall. Some are survivors mistaken for victims and some are misidentified or unlisted passengers or crew.

  1. The wall contains a James Bull and a Walter Bull. There was only one such person on the Titanic, namely Walter Edward Bull, who was a scullion.
  2. James Callahan is listed on the wall. There was no such person on the Titanic.
  3. William Edmunds is listed on the wall. There was no such person on the Titanic.
  4. The wall contains the names S. Halloway as well as Sidney Holloway. These two are in fact one person, Sidney Holloway, who was a clothes presser on the Titanic.
  5. Thomas Hart. A man appeared in the press and alleged he was Thomas Hart and that somebody had stolen his seaman's card (or somesuch) and that this alleged person was lost. This story turned out to be a hoax. A James Hart was in fact lost on the Titanic and he is listed, correctly, on the Wall as well.
  6. 'Miss Berthe Leroy'' is listed as a victim of the sinking. In fact, she was Mrs. Douglas' maid and survived the sinking. She passed away in 1972.
  7. R. Morrell. The R. Morrell shown on the crew list was in fact the same person as Albert White. The Titanic Wall contains both R. Morrell and Albert White, but there should be only one entry.
  8. Mary Mullin and Mary Lennon are listed as two persons. They were in fact one person; Mary Mullin is said to have eloped with Dennis Lennon and it has been debated whether the two were in fact married or not. Be that as it may, she was only one person.
  9. W. Nathan. There was no such person on the Titanic.
  10. Robert Reeves. There was no such person on the Titanic. There was Frederick Ernest Reeves (a fireman) and a Robert Thomas Reid (a trimmer), but no Robert Reeves.
  11. John Rice. This is probably a mix-up. There was a John Reginald Rice, a purser's clerk, on the ship, and he is listed, correctly, on the wall, next to the alleged John Rice.
  12. Frederick Roberts. There was no Frederick Roberts on the Titanic, but there was a Frank Roberts, a butcher, who was lost in the sinking. The wall notes both Frederick and Frank Roberts, but there should only be one of them.
  13. William Taylor. The wall has William Taylor and William John Taylor. There was only one, however.
  14. A. Watson. There was a William Albert Watson, a bell boy, and a William Watson, a fireman, who lost their lives in the sinking and they are correctly listed on the wall. There was, however, no A. Watson.
  15. The Wall has a ''Mr. Watt'' and ''F. Witts'' listed as victims. This is one and the same person; fireman William Francis Witts. The only people on the Titanic by the name of Watt were second class passengers Bessie and Bertha Watt, who survived the sinking.
  16. Fahim Ruhanna Zenni. He was a Syrian/Lebanese third class passenger who survived the sinking of the Titanic.


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