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Elizabeth Daily Journal

Another who waited in vain for the return of a loved one was Miss Frances Sheppard, a trained nurse, of Newark, who is staying at the home of Mrs. J. H. S. Clark, of 561 North Broad street, this city. Miss Sheppard’s brother, Jonathan Sheppard, of Southampton, England, is believed to have been a member of the crew of the Titanic. He was third engineer on the liner’s sister ship, Olympic, and was promoted to the same station on the larger vessel. There is a faint hope that he did not sail with the Titanic on her maiden voyage.

If he was on the steamer, it is probable that he was lost, as none of the engineers were saved. Miss Sheppard, although worn out by the strain, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, went to New York this morning in an effort to learn if he was really on the wrecked vessel. Sheppard had followed the sea for years. He had been in two other disasters, but in each case he managed to escape.

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