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Oceanic Sights Them on Old Route Titanic Took
The White Star liner Oceanic arrived yesterday from Southampton, Cherbourg
and Queenstown over the old route, which has not been used by a White Star
ship since the Titanic struck an iceberg. The change back to the old course
was made after word had been received that the scout cruisers on patrol had
been called back after reporting that the menacing ice had melted.

The Oceanic, however, sighted two small icebergs on the morning of July 15.
Capt. Smith said that either berg looked as if it might do considerable
damage to a ship in case of collision. On the same day the Cunarder Laconia
reported to the hydrographic office at Washington that she had passed four
miles to the south of a small iceberg.

The ships in the Montreal service have been reporting considerable ice, both
"growlers" and bergs, recently. The Anchor liner Cameronia picked up several
radiograms giving ice warnings from the more northerly ships on her last
trip across and forwarded them to the hydrographic office.

The Oceanic brought in the body of Joseph L. Hudson, ex-Mayor of Detroit,
who died in Worthington, England, on July 5 of pneumonia. Mr. Hudson had
stores in Buffalo, Cleveland and other cities as well as in Detroit and was
reputed to be worth $50,000,00. Milton A. McRae and William R. Orr of
Detroit, representing business organizations of Detroit, met the Oceanic at
the pier and took charge of the body.

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