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He was saved in Lifeboat Englehardt C. His home address was Fanners Lane, Lymington, Hants. His official occupation was - Fireman's Messman and he was 39 years old . (He was originally born in Hampshire). Last ship before the Titanic was the RMS Oceanic.

Actually he was a Chief Stoker and had served on many ships, among them the passenger and cargo ship SS Mexican. His wife was not aware that he had sailed on the Titanic until after the ship had sunk. He returned to England on the SS Lapland and was 'held' for two days at Plymouth for questioning by Board of Trade officials before being allowed to return home to Southampton.

He later rejoined the Oceanic and served on her until World War I broke out. Then he joined the Royal Navy and served on Patrol Boats as a stoker, and served mostly on steam yachts.

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