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Both Are Called to Stand At Washington on Tuesday


Mrs. Bishop Tells How They Were Hurried Aboard the Lifers When the Titanic Struck Huge Berg


Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Bishop were before the Senate Board of Inquiry into the Titanic disaster yesterday, and related the story of their rescue and what they saw aboard the big White Star liner and on the lifeboats after leaving the ill-fated ship.

The story of their testimony is related by Associated Press in the morning newspapers, and it varies somewhat from the published interview with Mr and Mrs. Bishop sent out from New York shortly after they landed.

Mrs. Bishop was on the stand first. She related a conversation she had with Colonel and Mrs. John Jacob Astor just before the sinking of the boat, and stated that she and Mr. Bishop were literally pushed to one of the first lifeboats launched. Nothing was said about "brides and grooms first."

The testimony of Mr. Bishop related largely to the failure of the sailors to get the locks of the water tight compartments to work.

It was told on the stand by Mrs. Bishop that she stood in conversion with Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor when Captain Smith came along and spoke in undertone to Colonel Astor. The latter at once told a group of them to put on life belts. They did so and went on deck.

"An officer took me by the arm and told me to get into the boat quietly," she said, "and my husband was pushed in with me. There were 12 women, 13 men, and three members of the crew. There were a number of unmarried men aboard"

"What have you to say about the conduct of the officers and crew?" asked Senator Smith. "Their conduct was excellent. All of the men behaved splendidly. On our lifboat was a mm whose brother was on the Titanic. When the ship sank this man buried his face in his hands until the ship disappeared, carrying his brother down. Then he did everything he could to cheer up the women, who were very nervous."

When Mrs. Bishop was excused Mr. Bishop was called to the stand. He testified briefly.

"The locks of the watertight compartments," said Mr. Bishop, "did not close properly when the sailors tried to Shut them. I saw the sailors trying to turn them and heard them say 'We can't turn this There's no use trying. Let's go to the other side.' Then they tried the other side and failed again."

Mr. and Mrs. Bishop were ordered to Washington from New York City shortly after landing from the Carpathia , and this fact has materially delayed their return home.

They determined to follow their original intentions and motor home in their Lozier car, and if a start had been made when onginally planned they would have arrived last week.

As it is they will probably not reach Dowagiac for at least one more week.

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