Blackwell had Heavy Insurance Accident Policy for $33,000

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Besides the large personal estate, in securities, variously estimated at between $110,000 and $200,000, left by Stephen W. Blackwell, who lost his life on the Titanic, he also carried accident insurance for $33,000. According to the Insurance Press, he was among the largest holders of accident insurance who went down on the ill-fated steamer.
The estate was left to Ex-Senator Jonathan Blackwell and William and Harry Blackwell, the father and brothers of Stephen W. Blackwell.
Life and accident insurance companies lost $3,464,111 as a result of the Titanic disaster, according to figures published in the current Insurance Press. That periodical states that the life insurance companies must pay $1,881,111 of that amount to the beneficiaries of policyholders who perished, while the accident companies are liable for $1,583,000.
Herbert F. Chaffee of North Dakota, who perished, held the largest amount of life insurance. The beneficiaries under his will are to receive $146,750 from his policies. Another Westerner who was lost, Emil Brandeis of Omaha, Neb., carried the largest amount of accident insurance. His policies amounted to $175,000. John B. Thayer carried $120,000 worth of accident insurance and $50,000 in life insurance. Among those holding large accident insurance policies the following are given: Charles M. Hays, $80,000; Frank M. Warren, $56,000, and Alexander T. Comptor (sic), Jr., Lakewood, $29,000.

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