Boston Man On Franconia Reports Communicating With Carpathia

Worcester Telegram

By the Associated Press


Boston Man On Franconia Reports Communicating With Carpathia

NEW YORK, April 17.- The Cunard line this afternoon gave out a copy of a Marconi message received from Winfield Thompson, of a Boston newspaper, who is a passenger on the steamship Franconia saying:-

"Steamer Franconia established communication with Carpathia at 6:10 a.m. New York time. Latter was then 498 miles east of Ambrose channel, in no need of assistance, steaming 13 knots. Expect to reach New York 8 Thursday evening. Has total of 705 survivors. Franconia is relaying personal messages from Carpathia to Sable island."

The number of 705 survivors given in Mrs. Thompson's dispatch may mean surviving passengers as distinguished from the crew.

A previous dispatch gave the total number of survivors as 868, which was believed to include both the crew and passengers on the Carpathia.

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