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Fiermonte, Back From Bermuda, Declares They Will Marry When She Quits Hospital
Enzo Fiermonte, the Italian boxer who was refused admittance last week to Bermuda, where he was going to visit Mrs. Madeline Force Astor Dick, widow of John Jacob Astor, returned yesterday an the Furness-Bermuda liner Queen of Bermuda. He was admitted on a two weeks' permit and will leave later for Paris.

The boxer announced on the ship that he and Mrs. Dick would be married as soon as she was discharged from the Bermuda hospital where she is recovering from a fracture of her arm. This was the first admission of either that they intended to wed, as several weeks ago he said in Reno, Nev., that he “scarcely" knew Mrs. Dick and was merely an acquaintance. Mrs. Dick was divorced from William K. Dick last July, and Fiermonte divorced his wife, who is in Italy.
Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES
BERMUDA, Oct. 16---Mrs. Madeline F. A. Dick’s secretary said this evening that Mrs. Dick, who is in a hospital, was too ill to be questioned regarding her reported engagement to Enzo Fiermonte. She added that Mrs. Dick would neither confirm nor deny Fiermonte’s announcement.

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