Henry Brewer's Wife?

     This is the family story as it has been passed to me form my grandparents, Edith and William Prewitt, now deceased and my father, Ronald Prewitt, very much alive as of 11/25/2005 born 3/16/1920. I spoke with him this evening to verify a fine point in the family story. It seems that Henry Brewer crew #806 was listed in the official record as widowed. This may not be quite accurate for he had either a new wife or was quite busy before the sailing. On the dock in Southampton a young woman, with child waved goodbye as Titanic sailed into history. She, Edith later gave birth to a son, Harry Brewer. She later met a merchant seamen in Southampton, William Prewitt. This is the part I called my father about. He told me that when his father, William Prewitt married Edith, her name was Brewer. He verified this from paperwork when he arrived in the U.S. from Southampton in the '30's. Her maiden name was Walden.

     I knew Harry Brewer very well and spent a lot of time with him in my youth. The story of Titanic was one I grew up with, long before "Jack Dawson". As the story goes without Titanic I and my father both would not exist. We are the product of an alternate "Timeline". Had the 'berg been 100' away. He died in 2000. My grandparents in the '90's. My dad is the last of 5 children and I am his only son. He never got along very well with his half brother Harry, for Harry was always his mothers favorite. 


Robert J. Prewitt

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