Bride Who Was Rescued from Death Finds She is Destitute Widow

New York Herald


Mrs. Del Carlo, Who Was on Her Way to Chicago with Husband, Who Had Savings of Years, Now Cared for by Charity.

Few of the Titanic's survivors are in as sad plight as Mrs. Argenia Genovesi Del Carlo [sic], a second cabin passenger from Lucca, Italy. Married a little more than three months ago in Tuscany to Sebastiano Del Carlo, she left with her husband to take up residence in Chicago, where, employed as a carpenter, he had lived for nine years and had arranged to provide a comfortable home. He perished after placing her in a lifeboat.
   Mrs Del Carlo saved nothing except the clothing she wore. Her husband carried all their money, $2,500. She is being cared for by the Rev. Father Moretto and the sisters of the San Raffaele Society, No. 10 Charlton Street.
   Mrs Del Carlo's parents are in Italy. Her two sisters lived in Fresno, Cal. When her husband emigrated to the United States ten years ago he promised to return for her when he had made sufficient money to get married. On last Christmas they were married. Good wished and presents were showered upon them as they started for their home in the wonderland of America.
   Father Moretto has communicated by telegraph with the woman's sisters in Fresno, and whether she will return to her parents in Italy or join her sisters in the West depends on whether the latter can defray the expenses of a transcontinental trip.
   "I did not want to go without my husband," said the woman yesterday when relating her story to an interpreter, " but he kissed me an said 'Do not be afraid, Argenia, I shall come later.' We went away and I did not know my husband was dead until I came here from the hospital"

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