Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York)

Diplomatic Representatives Telegraph for Particulars, Intimating Government Will Act.

The British embassy has begun an investigation of the hazing of Stuart C.S. Collett, a young Englishman well known in Syracuse, who was burned on the forehead by silver nitrate two weeks ago by fellow students at Denison College, Granville O.

Young Collett, who is a survivor of the Titanic disaster, probably was disfigured for life by his associates, who accused him of being “unsociable.”  Members of the young man’s family in Syracuse and Port Byron informed the British embassy of the hazing immediately after the occurrence.
The action of the British representatives in this country is said to be the first step in a crusade to put an effective check on the practice of roughly treating English students in American colleges.

Members of the British embassy in summer quarters at Dublin, N.H., yesterday wired the Collett family that a thorough investigation is under way and that a legal action against the students concerned in the hazing probably will be started by the British government.

The telegram received by the Colletts from the British embassy asked that a complete report of the hazing be immediately forwarded so that no time may be lost in completing the report.  The embassy will make a report on its findings according to the telegram.

Stuart Collett is a brother of Thomas F.A. Collett, a senior in Syracuse University.  The two young men are sons of the Rev. M.E. Collett, pastor of the Baptist Church of Port Byron.  They recently came to this country from England.

“We don’t object to a little hazing,” said Thomas Collett last night, “but I think the students should stop before they inflict injury.”

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