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Henry Mitchell, one of the second-cabin passengers on the Titanic, who is among
the missing, was on his way from Guernsey, England, to visit the family of his 
brother, John C. Mitchell, of 19 Portland place, Montclair.  The brothers had 
planned to spend several months in a tour of America.

The news of the sinking of the Titanic was conveyed to John C. Mitchell early 
this morning.  Both he and Mrs. Mitchell had remained up late last night, and 
had gone to bed confident of the safety of the brother.  The real story of the 
disaster unnerved both of them, neither being able to speak for some time.

Henry Mitchell had booked for a passage on the Philadelphia, but was
transferred to the Titanic just before the latter vessel sailed from 
Southampton.  He was seventy-three years old and had resided in Guernsey nearly 
all his life.  He visited his brother in 1870 and remained about three months.  
John Mitchell had come to America about two years previous.

The Guernsey brother had conducted a successful business in the island, from 
which he had retired.  His wife died last July, and he then determined to visit 
America again.  It had been his intention to spend some time with his brother’s 
family, and then, with his brother, travel over the country.  A daughter, Mrs. 
Ellen Grut, resides in Guernsey

Among the passengers on the Titanic were also relatives of Emil Stehli, of 5 
Union street, Montclair.  They were Max Froelicher, cousin of Mr. Stehli; his 
wife and daughter, Miss Margaret Froelicher, who were coming from their home in 
Zurich, Switzerland, to visit Mr. Froelicher’s brother in New York.  It was 
their first trip across the Atlantic.

Mr. Stehli’s wife is president of the Alliance Francaise, Montclair, and a 
member of many women’s organizations in the town, including “The Three O’Clock 

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