(aka Canada, Hercules, Philippines,Drachtenstein)

Hamburg-Amerika Line

On Tuesday, April 9, while traveling westbound Hamburg-Southampton-Baltimore, received a wireless message from the Caledonia warning of ice at the same location that, accounting for drift, was likely the field ice subsequently encountered by Titanic.

Port of Registry:  Hamburg
Flag of Registry:  German
Company flag:
blue and white, diagonally quartered, yellow shield on black anchor, black block letters on shield H A P A G
Steel hull, one funnel, twin screws, 3 decks, shelter deck
gross:  10, 237  net:  7,306
length:  501.4 ft  width:  62.2  ft.  depth:   42.6 ft.
:  triple expansion 8 cyl. (2 each) 21.33”, 31.67”, 46”,  66 x 48” stroke
1898 : Second class- 300, Third Class-  2,400, /1906 Steerage only

1898 Built and engined by Blohm and Voss, Hamburg, Yard No. 12
1898 5 Feb.
1898 10 April
Maiden Voyage Hamburg-New York and return
1899 1 Feb. Severely damaged by storm in eastern Atlantic, numerous rescue attempts failed.  Vessel given up as lost, after three weeks she limped into Ponta Delgada, Azores and later returned to Azores.
1906  RefittedTonnage listed as 11, 494, accommodations reconfigured to steerage and third class only.
1913 April- Sold to Unione Austriaca of Trieste and renamed Canada.  First Voyage Trieste-Quebec City-Montreal and return.
1914 4 Aug.  Interned at Baltimore by U.S. government at war’s outbreak.
1917 6 April  Formally seized by U.S. government and refitted as an Army transport called Hercules.
1918 Transferred to U.S. Shipping Board and renamed Philippines.
1919 Laid up.
1924 Left for New York to be scrapped.
1930 Sold to Bernstein Line and renamed Drachtenstein.
1934 Out of register, scrapped in Germany.

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