Four Butte Bulgarians who sank with the giant ship

Bulgarian Railroad workers lost on Titanic

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The four Butte Bulgarians who sank with the giant ship were Menko Angheloff, Hristo Danchoff, Stanio Georgieff and Ivan Staneff, who left Butte seven months ago to return with friends.

When reports were first published of the sinking of the Titanic numerous Butte Bulgarians kept a careful watch of the list of survivors, knowing from letters received from relatives and friends that they had taken passage on the ill-fated ship.

Inquiries received yesterday by Mr. Spatter indicated that other victims were bound for Butte.

The original intention of the Butte men was to work in the East until the railroads began their summer extension work, when they would come to Butte. Staneff was one of the active Bulgarians in Butte and was considered a leader among his countrymen. He was about 45 years of age.

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