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Impressive Services Over Victims Are Held Aboard the Carpathia

Chicago Daily News

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Impressive Services Over Victims Are

Held Aboard the Carpathia

Services for the burial of the dead at sea were read over the bodies of four men on the Carpathia Monday afternoon by Father Robert Anderson of the Episcopal Order of the Holy Cross. The victims were three of the crew of theTitanic and a cabin passenger found dead on a raft which carried thirty-one other persons, all living, by the Carpathia's lifeboats. During the services the Titanic survivors and passengers of the Carpathia thronged the deck.

"At the service there were thirty widows, twenty of whom were under 23 years of age, and most of them brides of a few weeks or months," said Dr. Kemp. They did not know their husbands were among the dead of the disaster. The Californian and the Burmah, the last named a Russian steamer, cruised about the scene of the wreck for some time in a futile search for the bodies of the victims."

Mrs. Rose Abbott, who was in the water for hours, was rescued during the first day. G. Wikeman, the Titanic's barber, was treated for bruises. He declared that he was blown into the water by the second explosion on the Titanic after her collision with the iceberg.

A passenger who was picked up in a drowning condition caused grim amusement on the Carpathia by demanding a bath as soon as the doctors were through with him. Storekeeper Prentice, the last man off the Titanic to reach the Carpathia, swam about in the icy water for hours, but was restored. He said he had leaped from the Titanic's poop-deck. New York, April 19

Chicago Daily News, Friday, April 19, 1912, p. 2, c. 2. [by The Associated Press]


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