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President Taft and Washington Friends Raise Funds for a Tablet
WASHINGTON, May 30---President Taft, members of the Diplomatic Corps in Washington, and many high Government officials have contributed to a fund of several thousand dollars, completed today, which is to be used to erect a memorial to Major Archibald W. Butt, personal aid to two Presidents, and to Frank D. Millet, Vice Chairman of the National Fine Arts Commission, two Washington victims of the Titanic disaster.

The work of raising the fund was undertaken by C. D. Hilles, secretary to President Taft, and Col. Spencer Cosby, chief aid to the President. The memorial, in the form of a bronze tablet, will probably be erected in the "Ellipse" back of the White House and almost within its shadow. Authorization by Congress will be necessary, but there is no doubt among friends of the two men that it will be granted.

The site near the White House was selected because of Major Butt's close association with the White House for many years, and also because of Mr. Millet's interest in the public grounds of the capital.

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