Buyer for Nugent Brothers on Titanic

Chicago Record-Herald

Spencer V. Silverthorne, whose name appears among the Titanic passengers on the Carpathia, is a buyer for Nugent Brothers of St. Louis and a brother of Mrs. H. H. Harris, 820 Foster street, Evanston, whose husband is assistant pastor of the First Methodist Church of that city.

It was through the medium of the Titanic’s passenger list as published in the Record-Herald that Harold Weir of Goshen, Ind., learned that his father, Colonel John Weir, former president of the Nevada-Utah Mines and Smelting Company, was on the lost ship. On his arrival from Winnipeg he received a cablegram from his mother in London which read: “Father passenger on Titanic. Cable news.”

“As I saw father’s name in the list published in The Record-Herald I was prepared for this message,” he said. “I knew my father expected to sail about this time. I shall leave for New York tomorrow morning.”

Colonel Weir is 62 years of age. He has crossed the ocean many times, dividing his time between his business interests in this country and his old home in Northberwick, Scotland.

Chicago Record-Herald, Thursday, April 18, 1912, p. 1, c.2:

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