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Cabin Allocations

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The allocation of cabins on the Titanic is a source of continuing interest and endless speculation. Apart from the recollections of survivors and a few tickets and boarding cards, the only authoritative source of cabin data is the incomplete first class passenger list recovered with the body of steward Herbert Cave. The list below includes this data and includes the likely occupants of some other cabins determined by other means.

The difficulty in determining, with any degree of accuracy, the occupancy of cabins on the Titanic indicates the need for further research in this area.

Important Note: Highlighted rows and cabin numbers with question marks beside them, represent deductions or speculations or allocations which, as yet, have no identified source. Under no circumstances should these be taken as fact.

First Class

Cabin No. Name Evidence Comments
Boat Deck 6 cabins, accommodation for 7 people.
"T" Blackwell, Mr Stephen Weart Cave List There is no evidence that anyone else occupied a Boat Deck cabin.
A Deck 36 cabins, accommodation for 48 people.
A-5 Goldschmidt, Mr George B. Cave List
A-6 or A-8 (?) Beattie, Mr Thomson
McCaffry, Mr Thomas Francis
Peuchen's testimony at the Senate inquiry When Peuchen is asked about where his friends were, he said A-12 for Ross and "A-8 and numbers to that affect" for Beattie and McCaffry. This suggests that Beattie and McCaffry may have moved from C deck to be near their sick friend, occupying cabins A-8 and perhaps A-6. If Beattie and McCaffry did move to A deck, it is possible that Mr Beattie was in A-8 and McCaffry in A-6.
A-7 Smith, Mr James Clinch Cave List
A-9 Chevré, Mr Paul Romaine Cave List
A-10 Ross, Mr John Hugo Cave List Peuchen testified that Ross was in A-12 (source: his Senate inquiry testimony) unless Ross was moved after the publication of the Cave List it is most likely that Peuchen was mistaken.
A-11 (?) Rosenbaum (Russell), Miss Edith Louise Personal account (? specific source) Miss Rosenbaum booked late and does not appear on any cabin lists. She herself stated that she was in A-11.
A-12 (?) Sloper, Mr William Thompson Speculation

Sloper's cabin number is not known for certain. A-12: Given the port of embarkation and ticket office A-12 would have been permitted for the price Sloper paid. Sloper's account appears in the book "The life and times of Andrew Jackson Sloper" Which is a book he wrote about his father but seemed to consist mainly of his own memoirs. In it he claims he "…was going through the door when Ross called out…" This was most probably the door of his cabin. But even if Sloper was leaving A-12, he would have still heard Ross, since A-12 was next door to Ross' cabin A-10. Sloper also confuses the reader in his account. In it he describes playing cards in the Lounge with Miss Gibson and others, when they leave and are "…standing at the top of the stairs…" Miss Gibson decided they should all go for a walk before retiring. Sloper then continues that he ran down one flight of stairs to his cabin. This gives an impression that he was on B deck. But there is more evidence that he was on A deck, he remembers meeting Mr Dulles (A-18).

A-16 Duff Gordon, Sir Cosmo Edmund Cave List
A-18 Dulles, Mr William Crothers Cave List
A-19 Smith, Mr Richard William Cave List
A-20 Duff Gordon, Lady Cave List
A-21 Brady, Mr John Bertram Cave List Berth 1
A-23 Barkworth, Mr Algernon H. Wilson Cave List
A-24 Roebling, Mr Washington Augustus II Cave List
A-26 Simonius-Blumer, Colonel Alfons Cave List
A-29 Evans, Miss Edith Corse Cave List
A-31 Blank, Mr Henry Cave List
A-32 Rood, Mr Hugh R. Cave List

Dodge, Dr. Washington
Dodge, Mrs Washington (Ruth Vidaver)
Dodge, Master Washington

Cave List
A-36 Andrews, Mr Thomas, jr Etches' testimony at Senate inquiry Mr Andrews' name does appear on the Cave List, but no cabin allocation is given. However, his bedroom steward Etches survived to confirm Andrews' stateroom number.
A-37 Browne, Fr. Francis M., SJ - [Cross Channel Passenger] Personal Account A-36 and A-37 were late additions to the Titanic and did not appear on many cabin plans and were not numbered when they did. Mr Browne had some difficulty finding his cabin. He indicated it's position on his personal deck plan.
B Deck 101 numbered cabins, 2 of which are sitting rooms. Therefore it has 99 bedrooms with accomodation for 183 passengers.
B-3 Robert, Mrs Edward Scott Cave List The Cave list places Miss Kreuchen (maid to Mrs Robert) in the same cabin but Miss Allen states that Kreuchen's cabin was forward on E-Deck (Gracie 1913)
B-2, 4 or 6 [?] Brown, Mrs James Joseph (Margaret Tobin) Gracie Colonel Archibald Gracie's book contains abstracts of many accounts and letters. Sent to him by passengers. One of them is by Mrs Candee. In it Mrs Candee also describes the events that Mrs Brown went through. It is from this account that we know that Mrs Brown occupied a forward B deck cabin, but precise whereabouts of which are much debated.
B-5 Allen, Miss Elisabeth Walton
Madill, Miss Georgette Alexandra
Cave List
B-10 Brandeis, Mr Emil Cave List Although according to the Cave List Mr Brandeis was assigned B-10, Mr Silverthorne said that Brandeis held a party for a dozen buyers in his suite. Although a dozen might be an exaggeration but even 5 people would not fit into B-10 and it would hardly be considered a suite. Mr Brandeis could have afforded a larger cabin and it is possible that he changed from B-10 to a suite after boarding or that the party took place elsewhere.
B-11 Head, Mr Christopher Cave List
B-18 Hippach, Mrs Louis Albert
Hippach, Miss Jean Gertrude
Cave List
B-19 Van der hoef, Mr Wyckoff Cave List
B-20 Dick, Mr Albert Adrian
Dick, Mrs Albert Adrian
Cave List
B-22 Crosby, Captain Edward Gifford
Crosby, Mrs Edward Gifford
Cave List
B-24 Payne, Mr Vivian Ponsonby [assistant to Mr Hays] Deduced from
Cave List
Payne in mentioned separately on the Cave List, by his own name, but there is no cabin next to his name. Next to Mr and Mrs Hays\' name, cabins B-73 and B-24 are mentioned. Since we know that Mr Payne was travelling with them, we can deduce that the maid was in B-73 and Mr Payne was in B-24.
B-26 Crosby, Miss Harriet R. Mrs Crosby's affidavit to the Senate inquiry Miss Crosby is not mentioned on the Cave List. Mrs Crosby's affidavit incliudes the following: "she and her husband occupied stateroom No. 22 and her daughter occupied stateroom No. 26, they being first-class passengers on said steamer"
B-28 Stone, Mrs George Nelson
Icard, Miss Amelie ("Amelia _") [maid to Mrs Stone]
Cave List
B-30 Østby, Mr Engelhart Cornelius Cave List
B-31 or 33 (?) Stewart, Mr Albert A. Speculation From the testimony of Mrs Bishop and bedroom steward Crawford we know that Mr Stewart was on the starboard side, in the forward section on B deck. Mrs Bishop said "he had a stateroom near us". She did not say next to or across the hall. This perhaps means he was not in either B-43 or B-47. Since he was not far from them, the nearest unoccupied cabins would be B-31 or B-33. Crawford, in his testimony, mentions taking lifebelts from the top of the wardrobe in Mr Stewart's cabin. There was only a walk-in wardrobe in B-43 where the lifebelts would have been kept on a rack on the floor. In cabins B-31 and B-33 the lifebelts would have been kept on top of the wardrobe.
B-35 Aubart, Mme. Leontine Pauline
Sägesser, Mlle. Emma [maid to Mme. Aubert]
Cave List
B-36 Østby, Miss Helene Ragnhild Cave List
B-37 Kent, Mr Edward Austin Cave List
B-38 Butt, Major Archibald Willingham Cave List
B-39 Frölicher, Miss Hedwig Margaritha Cave List
B-41 Frölicher-Stehli, Mr Maximilian Josef
Frölicher-Stehli, Mrs Maximilian Josef
Cave List
B-45 Snyder, Mr John Pillsbury
Snyder, Mrs John Pillsbury
Cave List
B-49 Bishop, Mr Dickinson H.
Bishop, Mrs Dickinson H. (Helen Walton)
Cave List Mrs Bishop said B-47 at Senate inquiry this is probably a mistake or a transcription error.
B-50 Stähelin, Dr Max Cave List
B-51-53-55 Cardeza, Mrs James Warburton Martinez Cave List
Ward, Miss Anna [maid to Mrs Cardeza] See also B-101
Cardeza, Mr Thomas Drake Martinez Probably occupied B-55
B-52-54-56 Ismay, Mr Joseph Bruce Ismay's testimony at the Senate inquiry.

"B-52 is the room I had."
"You had the suite?"
" I had the suite."

B-57-59-61-63 (?) Ryerson, Mr Arthur Larned
Ryerson, Mrs Arthur Larned
Tentatively deduced from Mrs Ryerson's affidavit to the Senate inquiry. Possibly in B-57
Ryerson, Miss Susan (Suzette) Parker
Bowen, Miss Grace Scott [governess to Master Ryerson]
Possibly in B-59
Chaudanson, Miss Victorine [maid to Mrs Ryerson] Possibly in B-61
Ryerson, Master John Borie
Ryerson, Miss Emily Borie
Possibly in B-63
B-58 Baxter, Mr Quigg Edmond Cave List
B-60 Baxter, Mrs James
Douglas, Mrs Frederick Charles
Cave List Mrs Douglas' cabin on the Cave List is identified as B-60, but it is possible that she and her mother were actually in B-58.
B-69 Hays, Mr Charles Melville
Hays, Mrs Charles Melville
Cave List
B-71 Davidson, Mr Thornton
Davidson, Mrs Thornton (Orian Hays)
Cave List
B-72 (?) May, Mr Richard (cross channel passenger)
May, Mr Stanley (cross channel passenger)
Speculation Fr. Francis Browne never mentions the cabin allocations of his travelling companions. He does though mention that there were suites on B deck and gives only two examples, "Loius XVI and Modern Dutch". He says that the styles are revealed on the other side of the door (i.e. behind the door). He would only know such things if he had actually visited B deck suites. Also, on his deck and cabin allocation plan (which is reproduced in the book which contains his photos) there is a little pen mark outside of cabins B-72 and B-74. Perhaps he made a little mark to remind him that his travelling companions were in those cabins.
B-73 Perreault, Miss Anne [maid to Mrs Hays] Cave List
B-74 (?) Odell, Master Jack Dudley (cross channel passenger) Speculation See B-72
B-76 (?) Odell, Miss Kate (cross channel passenger)
Odell, Mrs Lily (cross channel passenger)
The Cave List has the Spencer's in B-76 see below. B-76 (?)
B-76 or 78 (?) Spencer, Mr William Augustus
Spencer, Mrs William Augustus (Marie Eugenie)
Cave List / Senate inquiry According to the Cave List, Mr and Mrs Spencer were assigned to cabin B-76. Their maid was assigned to B-80, so perhaps for convenience they moved to B-78 (or perhaps it was a misprint on the Mr Etches testified that their cabin was B-78.
B-77 Rothes, the Countess of
Cherry, Miss Gladys
Personal account in New York Herald (22 April 1912). According to the Cave List, the countess Miss Cherry and Miss Maioni were assigned to C-37 (q.v.) for some reason she and Miss Cherry were moved to B-77.
B-79 (?) Maioni, Miss Roberta [maid to the Countess of Rothes] Speculation Miss Roberta's employer moved to B-77 (q.v.). Next to B-77 the maid's cabin was B-79. If Miss Roberta moved with her employer then she would have occupied B-79, if not, Miss Roberta would have stayed in C-37.
B-80 Lurette, Miss Elise [maid to Mrs Spencer] Cave List Berth 1
B-84 Guggenheim, Mr Benjamin Cave List / Etches testimony at the Senate inquiry.

It has been suggested (Eaton & Haas 1994) that Guggenheim occupied cabin B-82-84 while his valet was in B-86). Etches said that Guggenheim occupied cabin B-84 with his valet. "the next cabins were empty untill you come to B-84 occupied by Mr Guggenheim and his valet and Mr Carter's valet occupied 86, the inside cabin." Later when describing the lifebelts and talking about Guggenheim's cabin he said there were three lifebelts in a room occupied by two.

Giglio, Mr Victor [valet to Mr Guggenheim]
B-86 Cairns, Mr Alexander [manservant to Mr Carter] Senate inquiry See above
B-94 Harrison, Mr William [secretary to Mr Ismay] Senate inquiry Etches was the steward in this section, he confirms that Mr Harrison was in B-94.
B-95 or 97 (?) Loring, Mr Joseph Holland Speculation

In Lynch (1992) Loring and Rheims are mentioned in the Smoking Room talking to a steward and Loring says that his stateroom is right under the Smoking Room. B-97 and 95 are the only unoccupied cabins right under the Smoking Room. Mr Loring did not survive and any information known about him comes from Mr Rheims. In addition to the smoke room incident any information on the whereabouts of Mr Loring's cabin comes from Mr Rheims\' accounts or letters. But Mr Rheims never mentions either his or Mr Loring's actual cabin number.

B-96-98 Carter, Mr William Ernest
Carter, Mrs William Ernest (Lucile Polk)
Carter, Miss Lucile Polk
Carter, Master William Thornton II
Cave List The Cave List suggests the parents were in B-96
B-101 (?) Lesurer, Mr Gustave [manservant to Mr Cardeza]
Ward, Miss Anna [maid to Mrs Cardeza]
Cave List / Speculation

Anna Ward may have occupied B-101, if so then she would have berthed with Gustave Lesneur, a possibility but it is perhaps more likely that she would have occupied the same cabin as Mrs Cardeza (q.v.).

B-102 (?) Fry, Mr Richard [valet to Mr Ismay] Unknown Not mentioned in Cave List, source unknown
C Deck Has 137 numbered cabins, 2 of which are sitting rooms. Therefore 135 cabins are able to accommodate 315 passengers.
C-2 Pears, Mr Thomas
Pears, Mrs Thomas (Edith Wearne)
Cave List
C-6 Beattie, Mr Thomson
McCaffry, Mr Thomas Francis
Cave List

Peuchen thought Beattie and McCaffry were in A-8 (q.v.) and in cabins with numbers to that affect (Source: Senate inquiry). It is possible that they were moved after the Cave List was printed.

C-7 Bonnell, Miss Caroline
Wick, Miss Mary Natalie
Cave List / Miss Bonnell's account (The Christian Science Monitor
19 April 1912, p. 5)
Mr and Mrs Wick and their daughter were not on the Cave List. They did though book in plenty of time to be included on the Cave List so the reason for their exclusion is unknown. We know that Miss Wick was in the same cabin as Miss Bonnell, because of an interview where Miss Bonnell says they were in the same cabin.
C-22-26 Allison, Mr Hudson Joshua Creighton
Allison, Mrs Hudson J.C. (Bessie Waldo Daniels)
Daniels, Miss Sarah [maid to Mrs Allison]
Allison, Miss Helen Lorraine
Allison, Master Hudson Trevor
Cleaver, Miss Alice [nurse to Master Allison]
Cave List The Cave List only mentions C-22 and C-26. After the disaster when Miss Cleaver and Miss Daniels stayed with the family, it bcame known that they may have been in 3 cabins. Since nearby C-24 was vacant, they might have added that on to their cabins. It is not certain that the Allisons took C-24 as well. It's quite possible that they only occupied C-22 and C-26. Mr and Mrs Allison with Lorriane would have probably have occupied C-26 with the others in C-22. In C-24 is incuded it is likely that Miss Cleaver and Trevor were placed in C-24 and that the confusion that Miss Cleaver caused by leaving with Trevor was probably because they were in a seperate cabin.
C-23 Fortune, Mr Charles Alexander Cave List
C-25 Fortune, Miss Alice Elizabeth
Fortune, Miss Ethel Flora
Fortune, Miss Mabel
Cave List
C-27 Fortune, Mr Mark
Fortune, Mrs Mark (Mary McDougald)
Cave List
C-28 (?) Schabert, Mrs Paul (Emma Mock) Personal account / unknown

Not mentioned in Cave List. The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin of 19 April 1912 quotes Mrs. Schabert as saying she was in 'stateroom 28 on the port side.\' She also wrote after the sinking: \'Mrs Straus, who had a stateroom near me and with whom I often talked, refused to leave her husband.\' Since Mrs Straus had her cabin on C-deck, we can deduce that Mrs Schabert most likely had her cabin on this deck as well.

C-30 Molson, Mr Harry Markland Cave List
C-32 White, Mrs John Stuart (Ella Holmes)
Young, Miss Marie Grice
Cave List
C-37 Cherry, Miss Gladys
Maioni, Miss Roberta [maid to the Countess of Rothes]
Rothes, Countess of (Lucy Noël Martha Dyer-Edwards)
Cave List See also B-77.
C-39 Hipkins, Mr William Edward Cave List
C-42 Graham, Mr George Edward Cave List
C-45 Endres, Miss Caroline Louise [nurse to Mrs Astor] Cave List
C-46 Cavendish, Mr Tyrell William
Cavendish, Mrs Tyrell William (Julia Florence Siegel)
Barber, Miss Ellen "Nellie" [maid to Mrs Cavendish]
Cave List Mrs Cavendish's son, in later life recalled that his mother claimed she had terrible sea sickness. He also got the impression that she was on a higher deck (poosibly B-deck). If the Cavendishes were in C-46 (ie. it was not a misprint), it is possible that they later moved to a different cabin.
C-47 Maréchal, Mr Pierre Cave List
C-49 Isham, Miss Ann Elizabeth Cave List
C-50 Potter, Mrs Thomas, Jr. (Lily Alexenia Wilson) Cave List
C-51 Gracie, Colonel Archibald IV Cave List
C-52 Woolner, Mr Hugh Cave List
C-53 Tucker, Mr Gilbert Milligan, Jr. Cave List
C-54 Earnshaw, Mrs Boulton (Olive Potter)
Hays, Miss Margaret Bechstein
Cave List

On the Cave List, Miss Earnshaw's cabin is given as C-53. This is probably a mistake.

C-55-57 Straus, Mr Isidor
Straus, Mrs Isidor (Ida Blun)
Cave List
C-62-64 (?) Astor, Colonel John Jacob
Astor, Mrs John Jacob (Madeleine Talmadge Force)
Unknown The Astors do not appear on the Cave List. Although they booked in time for their names to appear on the list the reason for their exclusion is not known, it is possible that they asked not to be included on the cabin lists. The documentary source for placing them in C-64-64 is not known.
C-65 Peñasco y Castellana, Mr Victor de Satode
Peñasco y Castellana, Mrs Victor de Satode
Cave List
C-68 Thayer, Mr John Borland
Thayer, Mrs John Borland (Marian Longstreth Morris)
Mrs Thayer's Account (? specific source) Although the names of the Thayers do appear on the Cave List, there is no indication about which cabins they occupied. The reason we know the Thayer cabins, is from the Thayers themselves.
C-70 Thayer, Mr John Borland, jr.
C-78 Minahan, Dr William Edward
Minahan, Mrs William Edward (Lillian E. Thorpe)
Minahan, Miss Daisy E.
Cave List
C-80 Widener, Mr George Dunton
Widener, Mrs George Dunton (Eleanor Elkins)
Cave List
C-82 Widener, Mr Harry Elkins
C-83 Harris, Mr Henry Birkhardt
Harris, Mrs Henry Birkhardt (Irene Wallach)
Cave List
C-85 Cumings, Mr John Bradley
Cumings, Mrs John Bradley (Florence Briggs Thayer)
Cunningham's testimony at the Senate inquiry

"What deck were you assigned to, if any?"
"C deck aft, on the starboard side... In number 85 were Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Cummings"

C-86 Douglas, Mr Walter Donald
Douglas, Mrs Walter Donald (Mahala Dutton)
LeRoy, Miss Bertha ("Berthe _") [maid to Mrs Douglas]
Cave List With regard to Miss LeRoy's cabin see also C-138.
C-87 (?) Stead, Mr William Thomas Cunningham's testimony at the Senate inquiry Stead's name does appear on the Cave List but it does not give the cabin number. Steward Cunningham testified that he was in C-89. When originally booking his passage, he paid a rather low £26 11s for his ticket, a price far below the one he would have required to pay for C-87 and especially C-89. Although it is not certain, he possibly occupied a different C-Deck cabin before requesting to be moved into a larger cabin.
C-89 Clark, Mr Walter Miller
Clark, Mrs Walter Miller (Virginia McDowell)
Cave List / Cunningham's testimony at the Senate inquiry On the Cave List, Mr and Mrs Clark's cabin is C-89 but Steward Cunningham testified that they were in C-87. The Clarks paid a high price for their cabin and were probably given a cabin with private bathroom access. They most probably would have occupied C-89.
C-90 de Villiers, Madame Berthe (Berthe Antonine Mayne) Cave List
C-91 Graham, Mrs William Thompson (Edith Junkins)
Graham, Miss Margaret Edith
Cave List / Cunningham's testimony at the Senate inquiry On the Cave List Miss Graham is placed in C-125. But according to the bedroom steward, Cunningham, as he testified at the Senate inquiry, Miss Graham was in C-91 with her mother. Also, Miss Shutes in her story, described how she lay in her cabin. After the collision Miss Shutes went to the cabin of her friend, where her friend's daughter was eating a chicken sandwich which suggests that both Mrs and Miss Graham were in the same cabin.
C-92 Goldenberg, Mr Samuel L.
Goldenberg, Mrs
Cave List
C-93 Hoyt, Mr Frederick Maxfield
Hoyt, Mrs Frederick Maxfield (Jane Anne Forby)
Cave List
C-95 (?) Rothschild, Mr Martin
Rothschild, Mrs Martin (Elizabeth L. Barrett)
Deduced from Senate inquiry The Rothschilds booked late and do not appear on the Cave List. As according to dining room steward, Ray's testimony, we know that the Rothschilds were on C deck. Ray, when going up on deck stopped by the purser's office "…saw the two pursers in the purser's office and the clerks busy at the safe taking things out and putting them in bags, and just then Mr Rothschild left his stateroom and I waited for him". The only way that Ray would have seen the pursers is if he was standing in the door or just outside the door of the purser's office. He saw Mr Rothschild leave his stateroom, this means that he actually saw Mr Rothschild get out of the door, not just walking down the corridor. The only probable and "unoccupied" cabin Mr Ray would have seen from where he stood would be C-95.
C-97 Bird, Miss Ellen [maid to Mrs Straus]
Farthing, Mr John [manservant to Mr Straus]
Cave List On the Cave List, next to the Straus\' cabin allocations, is the cabin of their servants. Only one cabin is given, C-97. There is no evidence that Fathing and Bird were in separate cabins.
C-99 Bissetti, Miss Amelia [maid to Mrs White] Cave List Berth 1
C-101 Brown, Mrs John Murray (Caroline Lane Lamson) Cave List Berth 1
Appleton, Mrs Edward Dale (Charlotte Lamson) Cave List Berth 2
Cornell, Mrs Robert Clifford (Malvina Helen Lamson) Cave List Berth 3
C-103 Bonnell, Miss Elizabeth (Lily) Cave List Berth 1
C-104 Peuchen, Major Arthur Godfrey Cave List
C-106 Saalfeld, Mr Adolphe Cave List
C-108 Maguire, Mr John Edward Cave List
C-109 Oliva y Ocana, Doña Fermina [maid to Mrs Penasco] Cave List Berth 1
C-110 Porter, Mr Walter Chamberlain
Clifford, Mr George Quincy
Cave List
C-111 Foreman, Mr Benjamin Laventall Cave List
C-114 (?) Fleming, Miss Margaret [maid to Mrs Thayer] Speculation
C-112 (?) Bidois, Miss Rosalie [maid to Mrs Astor]
Robbins, Mr Victor [manservant to Colonel Astor]
C-116 Stengel, Mr Charles Emil Henry
Stengel, Mrs Charles Emil Henry (Annie May Morris)
Senate inquiry testimony
C-118 Natsch, Mr Charles H. Cave List
C-120 Ringhini, Mr Sante [manservant to Mrs White] Cave List Berth 1
C-122 (?) Robbins, Mr Victor [manservant to Colonel Astor] Speculation Or Possibly C-112 with Bidois (q.v.)
C-121 or 123 (?) Futrelle, Mr Jacques Heath
Futrelle, Mrs Jacques (Lily May Peel)
Deduced from Mrs Futrelle's account.

In her account Mrs Futrelle writes that she crossed the corridor to go to the Harris cabin.

C-124 Klaber, Mr Herman Cave List
C-125 Shutes, Miss Elizabeth W. [governess to Miss Graham] Cave List
Cave List
C-126 Taylor, Mr Elmer Zebley Cave List
Taylor, Mrs Elmer Zebley (Juliet Cummins Wright) Cave List
C-128 Williams, Mr Fletcher Lambert Cave List
C-132 Craig, Mr. Norman C. [Did not board] Cave List Berth 1
C-138 or 140 (?) LeRoy, Miss Bertha ("Berthe _") [maid to Mrs Douglas]
Serreplan, Miss Auguste [maid to Mrs Carter]
Deduced from Mrs Douglas\' affidavit (Senate inquiry)

Mrs Douglas (of C-86) implies that her maid occupied a cabin with Mrs Carter's maid. (Senate inquiry Testimony) if this is the case it is possible that they shared C-140. They could not have shared C-136, since Etches was in that cabin taking out lifebelts and throwing them in the corridor. If C-136 was occupied, Etches would not have been able to do so. Please do not exclude the possibility of C140. Sereplan's employers were on a deck above, so perhaps Sereplan and LeRoy were in C140, closer to the stairs.

C-142 Partner, Mr Austin Cave List
C-148 Behr, Mr Karl Howell Cave List
D Deck Has a total of 49 cabins, being able to accommodate 119 passengers.
D-6 Long, Mr Milton Clyde Cave List
D-7 Andrews, Miss Kornelia Theodosia Cave List
D-9 Longley, Miss Gretchen Fiske Cave List
D-10 Greenfield, Mr William Bertram Cave List
D-11 Hogeboom, Mrs John C. (Anna Andrews) Cave List
D-12 Greenfield, Mrs Leo David (Blanche Strouse) Cave List
D-15 Bazzani, Miss Albina [maid to Mrs Bucknell] Cave List
Bucknell, Mrs William Robert (Emma Eliza Ward) Cave List
D-17 Leader, Dr Alice Farnham Cave List Berth 3
Swift, Mrs Frederick Joel (Margaret Welles Barron) Cave List Berth 1
D-19 Kimball, Mr Edwin Nelson Jr.
Kimball, Mrs Edwin Nelson Jr. (Gertrude Parsons)
Cave List
D-20 Eustis, Miss Elizabeth Mussey
Stephenson, Mrs Walter Bertram (Martha Eustis)
Cave List
D-21 Kenyon, Mr Frederick R.
Kenyon, Mrs Frederick R. (Marion)
Cave List
D-22 Borebank, Mr John James Cave List Berth 1
D-26 White, Mr Percival Wayland
White, Mr Richard Frasar
Cave List
D-28 Lines, Mrs Ernest H. (Elizabeth Lindsey James)
Lines, Miss Mary Conover
Cave List
D-30 Marvin, Mr Daniel Warner
Marvin, Mrs Daniel Warner
Cave List
D-31 Eastman, Miss Anne K. [Did not board]
Lewis, Mrs Charlton T. [Did not board]
Cave List
D-32 Wood,Mr Frank P. [Did not board]
Wood, Mrs Frank P. [Did not board]
Cave List
D-33 Harper, Mr Henry Sleeper
Harper, Mrs Henry Sleeper (Myna Haxtun)
Hassab, Mr Hammad [dragoman to Henry Sleeper Harper]
Cave List
D-34 Franklin, Mr Thomas Parnham Cave List Berth 3
D-35 Beckwith, Mr Richard Leonard
Beckwith, Mrs Richard Leonard (Sallie Monypeny)
Cave List
D-36 Newell, Miss Madeleine
Newell, Miss Marjorie
Cave List
D-37 Warren, Mr Frank Manley
Warren, Mrs Frank Manley (Anna S. Atkinson)
Cave List
D-38 (?) Nourney, Mr Alfred ("Baron von Drachstedt") Unknown Documentary source not identified.
D-40 Frauenthal, Mr Isaac Gerald Cave List
D-43 Ovies y Rodriguez, Mr Servando Cave List
D-44 Keeping, Mr Edwin Herbert [valet to Mr Widener]
Geiger, Miss Amalie ("Emily _") [maid to Mrs Widener]
Cave List It has been suggested (? source) that Geiger and Keeping were in C-130 and C-132, respectively. This is incorrect, on the Cave List their cabin is given as D-44.
D-45 Hawksford, Mr Walter James Cave List
D-46 Walker, Mr William Anderson Cave List
D-47 Newsom, Miss Helen Monypeny Cave List
D-48 Newell, Mr Arthur Webster Cave List
D-49 (?) Hassab, Mr Hammad [dragoman to Henry Sleeper Harper] Speculation On the Cave List Mr Hassah is placed with the Harpers in D-33 (q.v.). It is more likely that he occupied a cabin of his own, possibly D-49.
D-50 Sutton, Mr Frederick Cave List
E Deck Has a total of 71 cabins, being able to accommodate 184 passengers.
E-8 Chambers, Mr Norman Campbell
Chambers, Mrs Norman Campbell (Bertha Griggs)
Senate inquiry "Our stateroom was E-8, on the starboard side; that is the lowest berth deck, and as far as I know, we were as far forward as any of the first-cabin passengers on that deck."
E Deck (?E-10) Kreuchen, Miss Emilie [maid to Mrs Robert] Gracie / Speculation "She went back and returned to us immediately to say her cabin, which was forward on Deck E, was flooded." (Gracie 1913)
E-12 Anderson, Mr Harry Cave List
E-17 Daly, Mr Peter Denis Cave List
E-22 (?) Gibson, Mrs Leonard (Pauline C. Boeson)
Gibson, Miss Dorothy Winifred
Miss Gibson's personal account Miss Gibson does not state the number of her cabin, but it is known she was on E deck. She does say she was "…near the elevator hall and not far from the staircase."
E-23 (?) A first class unaccompanied lady. Speculation

It is known that a single lady occupied this cabin. Mr McGough said he knocked on the cabin door (across the hall to him) of a lady. Possibilites include Mrs Flegenheimer, Mrs Candee, Miss Willard or Mrs Lindström.

E-24 Calderhead, Mr Edward P. Cave List Berth 3
Silverthorne, Mr Spencer Victor Cave List Berth 1
E-25 Flynn, Mr John Irwin (?Irving) Cave List Berth 3
McGough, Mr James Robert Cave List Berth 1
E-31 Chaffee, Mr Herbert Fuller
Chaffee, Mrs Herbert Fuller
Cave List
E-33 Chibnall, Mrs Edith Martha
Bowerman, Miss Elsie Edith
Cave List
E-34 Spedden, Mr Frederic Oakley
Spedden, Mrs Frederic Oakley
Cave List Mrs Spedden stated that after the collision she went to the cabin of her son and his nurse. Hence we know that Douglas was not in E-34 with his parents.
E-36 Francatelli, Miss Laura Mabel [maid to Lady Duff Gordon] Cave List
E-39 or E-41 Wilson, Miss Helen Alice [maid to Mrs Spedden] CaveList Berth 1
E-37 Lawrence, Mr Arthur [Did not board] Cave List Berth 1
E-38 Millet, Mr Francis Davis Cave List
E-40 Burns, Miss Elizabeth Margaret [nurse to Master Spedden] Cave List
E-40 Spedden, Master Robert Douglas Cave List Berth 1
E-44 Silvey, Mr William Baird
Silvey, Mrs William Baird
Cave List
E-45 Compton, Mrs Alexander Taylor Cave List
E-46 Hilliard, Mr Herbert Henry
McCarthy, Mr Timothy J.
Cave List
E-49 Compton, Miss Sara Rebecca Cave List
E-50 Harder, Mr George Achilles
Harder, Mrs George Achilles
Cave List
E-52 Compton, Mr Alexander Taylor jr Cave List
E-58 Colley, Mr Edward Pomeroy Cave List
E-60 Julian, Mr Henry Forbes Cave List
E-63 Gee, Mr Arthur H. Cave List It is known, from Mr Gee's letters that he was moved to another cabin, on E deck. He moved because he wanted a porthole in his cabin, therefore he must have moved to an outside cabin.
E-66 Case, Mr Howard Brown Faulkner's account. Mr Case's name does appear on the Cave List, however his cabin allocation does not. Bedroom steward Faulkner in his memoirs records Mr Case changing from cabin E-66 to a cabin in Faulkner's section on C deck. Mr Case only spent one night in this (E-66) cabin, on 11th April 1912, Mr Case was transferred to his new cabin.
E-67 Taussig, Mr Emil
Taussig, Mrs Emil (Tillie Mandelbaum)
Cave List
E-68 Taussig, Miss Ruth Cave List Berth 1
All together the 6 decks have a total of 400 cabins, 4 of which are sitting rooms. Therefore 396 cabins are able to accommodate a total of 856 people. The 324 passengers to New York would only have provided 38% of the total amount possible.

Second Class

D Deck
D-56 Beesley, Mr Lawrence Personal account
E Deck
E-77 (?) Mack, Mrs Mary Ticket found on her body.

Her cabin is usually given as E-77 but this was actually a first class cabin. Although E-43 onward were originally second class cabins, first class cabins were later extended all the way to E-88 probably due to the anticipated demand which did not in fact materialize. It is possible that, once the low take-up of first class cabins was realized, E-69 onward were returned to second class, in which case Mrs Mack could have occupied E-77 although this is speculation. It is equally possible that E-77 is simply a transcription error.

E 101 (?) Troutt, Miss Edwina Celia "Winnie"
Webber, Miss Susan
Keane, Miss Nora A.
Unknown Source not identified.
F Deck
F-2 (?) Navratil, Mr Michel ("Hoffman")
Navratil, Master Edmond Roger
Navratil, Master Michel M.
Unknown Source not identified.
F-4 (?) Becker, Mrs Allen Oliver
Becker, Miss Marion Louise
Becker, Master Richard F.
Becker, Miss Ruth Elizabeth
Unknown Source not identified.
F-33 (?) Nye, Mrs Elizabeth Ramell
Brown, Miss Amelia (Mildred) [cook to Mr Allison]
Lemore, Mrs Amelia
Cook, Mrs Selena Rogers
Unknown Source not identified.

Third Class

Unknown Deck
69 (?) Joseph / Peter, Mrs
Joseph / Peter, Master Michael J.
Joseph / Peter, Miss Anna
Unknown In section E
D Deck
135 Hellström, Miss Hilda Maria Boarding Card In section O
E Deck
11 Theobald, Mr Thomas Leonard Boarding Card In section B, forward on E deck. The boarding card was found when his body was recovered
121 Moor, Mrs Beila
Moor, Master Meier
Boarding Card In section M
126 Sage, Master William Henry (and possibly others from the Sage family) Ticket found with body. On the ticket recovered with the body of Will Sage a list number (20) is given and the berth number 126 (in section M) is also given. It is likely that some but not all of the family members were in this cabin.
161 Gilnagh, Miss Katherine "Katie"
Mullen, Miss Katherine "Katie" ("_Mullins")
Murphy, Miss Margaret Jane ("Mary")
Miss Katherine "Kate"
Boarding Card In section Q
F Deck
38 (?) Tobin, Mr Roger Unknown In section C
46 (?) Mardirosian, Mr Sarkis (+ three other steerage) Unknown In section E
57 (?) Krekorian, Mr Neshan Unknown In section E
63 (?) Abelseth, Mr Olaus Jørgensen
Humblen, Mr Adolf Mathias Nicolai Olsen
Unknown In section G
73 (?) Moen, Mr Sigurd Hansen
Søholt, Mr Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen
Unknown In section G
G Deck
6 (?)

Sandström, Mrs Hjalmar
Sandström, Miss Beatrice Irene
Sandström, Miss Marguerite Rut

Unknown There is no cabin 6 in section G on F deck. Most likely the five of them shared cabin 6 on G deck, in the stern of the Titanic. Although the room was a 4 berth room, one of them was only a baby and could have shared a bed with it's mother or one of the children.

Ström, Mrs Wilhelm (Elna Matilda Persson)
Ström, Miss Telma (Selma) Matilda

Immigration Ticket
10 (?) Pickard (Trembisky), Mr Berk Deduced from Senate inquiry Pickard testified that he was in cabin 10 in the stern, so most likely he was in cabin 10, where male and female separation was less restricted. His cabin was able to accommodate 4 people.

Berth numbers were given for some passengers. Odd for lower berths and even for upper berths.

Available Documents
First Class Passenger List S.S. Titanic ("3rd Proof"), National Archives of Nova Scotia ["Cave List"]

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Claes-Göran Wetterholm (1988, 1996, 1999) Titanic. Prisma, Stockholm. ISBN 91 518 3644 0
United States Senate (62nd Congress), Subcommittee Hearings of the Committee on Commerce, Titanic Disaster, Washington 1912

George Behe, USA
Michael A. Findlay, USA
Alan Hustak, Canada
Arthur Merchant, USA
Michael Poirier, USA
Charles Provost, Canada
Daniel Rosenshine, Australia


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