Charles Victor Groves

Mr Charles Victor Groves, 24, was born in Cambridge, one of 7 brothers. He was educated at Perse Grammar School. Following school he apprenticed with Runciman's and travelled on ships trading to South America and the Mediterranean. After 3 years in that trade he joined P&O but soon decided that he 'couldn't stand the passengers.' His next job was with Frederick Leyland Co.

Groves was interested in signalling (for which he held the Board of Trade's special certificate) and electricity. He was teaching himself wireless telegraphy, and even at sea he made a point of keeping up with the news of the day by regular visits to the Californian's wireless cabin. Groves was serving as Third, but had a Second Mate's certificate while serving on the Californian.

Groves, who was married by 1914, obtained his extra master's certificate, and served in submarines during the First World War. In January 1916, his boat, E17, ran ashore on Den Helder on the Dutch coast. The crew were rescued by Dutch seamen and taken to Holland, where they spent the rest of the war in internment. Groves spent his time in Holland making himself fluent in Dutch.

After the war, he joined W. A. Suter's Sheaf Line and ultimately became their Marine Superintendent at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and their most trusted advisor as well. Groves retired about 1938. During the Second World War, Groves served with the Admiralty at Southend where he was attached to the Defensive Armament of Merchant Ships section. He was a well-known admiralty assessor, and as such took part in some 25 inquiries.

Groves died on 4th September, 1961.

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