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Anxious for News From Friends Aboard the Titanic
With barely one thread of hope that three of the Washingtonians who sailed from Southampton on the ill-fated Titanic a week ago yesterday are still alive, a party of Washingtonians today are in New York ready to dash to the Cunard docks the moment the steamer Carpathia enters the harbor, anxious to get one word from the reported missing.

William B. Hibbs, of the brokerage firm of W. B. Hibbs & Co., whose business associate, Clarence Moore, is reported missing; Congressman James A. Hughes, whose son-in-law, Lucien P. Smith, is believed to have been drowned; Richard B. Watrous, secretary of the American Civic Association, and close friend of Frank D. Millet, reported as having been drowned; a score of close friends of Major Archibald Butt, the President's military aid, for whom all hope has been given up; Mrs. Archibald Gracie and Miss Edith Gracie, wife and daughter of Colonel Gracie, reported as having been saved; Mrs. Champ Clark and Miss Genevieve Clark, whose former house guests, Miss Rule and Miss Burckhead were rescued before the Titanic sank, are among the local representatives who are anxiously awaiting the coming of the Carpathia.

The Washingtonians will remain in New York until the last of the Carpathia's passengers have been unloaded, and from these will get whatever information possible about friends and relatives who are reported as lost. Not until the last of the ocean liners which rushed toward the sinking Titanic, and which may have on board unreported passengers picked up from the iceberg-laden Atlantic, has beeen heard from, will the party leave New York.

The original lists of the passengers on board the Titanic contained the name of Rose Stahl, the actress. It has been ascertained positively that Miss Stahl was not a Titanic passenger, but is now playing in Philadelphia, where she will remain indefinitely.

[Note: Other articles in the same paper make clear that the Misses Rule and Burckhead was passengers on Carpathia, not Titanic.]

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