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Taft and Bryce Both Praising the Titanic Rescuer
WASHINGTON, March 1---President Taft presented to Capt. Arthur H. Rostron to-day the gold medal authorized by Congress for his courage and gallantry in rescuing the survivors of the Titanic and bringing them safely to New York on his own ship, the Carpathia.

The President made a brief speech, quoting the report of the Senate Investigating Committee to show the bravery, the painstaking care and the kindliness exhibited by Capt. Rostron. It was a record, he said, worthy of the best traditions of England's seafarers.

Capt. Rostron in reply thanked the President, Congress, and the American people. Ambassador Bryce thanked the President on behalf of the English people.

From the White House Capt. Rostron went to the British Embassy, where Ambassador Bryce presented to him the American Cross of Honor. Ambassador Bryce spoke briefly commending Capt. Rostron for his bravery and gallantry.

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