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Baltimore Mariner Declares He Met Titanic Commander in Street
Special to The New York Times
BALTIMORE, Md., July 20---Capt. Peter Pryal, one of the oldest mariners
in Baltimore and well known in shipping circles, who sailed with Capt.
Smith of the Titanic when Capt. Smith was commander of the Majestic,
made the startling statement to-day that he saw and talked to Capt.
Smith yesterday at Baltimore and St. Paul Streets. He declares he walked
up to Capt. Smith and said: "Capt. Smith, how are you?"

Then, according to Pryal, the man answered: "Very well, Pryal, but
please don't detain me; I am on business." He says he followed the man,
saw him buy a ticket for Washington, and as he passed through the gate
of the railroad station he turned, recognized Pryal again, and remarked:
"Be good, shipmate, until we meet again."

"There is no possibility of my being mistaken," said Capt. Pryal to-day.
"I have known Capt. Smith too long. I would know him even without his
beard. I firmly believe that he was saved and in some mysterious manner
brought to this country I am willing to swear to my statement

"Many persons may think I am insane, but I have told Dr. Warfield of the
occurrence and he will vouch for my sanity."

Dr. Warfield said to-night that Capt. PryaI was perfectly sane. The
Captain is well-to-do and is a consistent church member.

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