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John Anderson, who has been missing from the Cardiff Mental Hospital at Whitchurch and who had been reported to have been drowned, is now back in that institution, his re-capture being brought about as a result of hie immersion in the West Bute Dock at Cardiff on Tuesday.

He was noticed by a number of people sitting on the quay wall, and suddenly, while fully dressed, he jumped into the water and commenced swim about. A boat was put off, and he was persuaded to come ashore, where he was handed over to the Cardiff Railway police, and later was identified as the missing Anderson, and was reconveyed the mental hospital.

Anderson is one of the survivors of the crew of the ill-fated Titanic, and he left the sinking vessel by the last boat-load those who escaped. It is supposed that the shock of the disaster unhinged his mind, and after wandering about the country he was taken charge of at Cardiff, and certified for detention at Whitchurch. He is a native of Southampton.

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