Angelo Casalini

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  1. Cj said:

    This was my great-great-uncle. Ironically, what he saw from the rescue of the Titanic disturbed him so much that he changed jobs afterward and never wanted to speak about what he saw. Two years later, at the age of 18, he was working as a bike messenger and was hit by a car or truck and killed.

  2. Deb (883) said:

    This was my great uncle, so I guess somehow we are related.  I am Victor Casalini's (Angelo's brother) granddaughter.  I did not know anything about his ties to the Titanic trajedy, just that Angelo was killed by a truck in 1914.  There was a small article in the NY Times about his accident. 

  3. Deb (883) said:

    CJ, Actually I looked back on the NY times article and it said that Angelo passed on May 8, 1913.  So It was only a year after the Titanic sank.  I apologize for my error.  I always thought he had died in 1914.  My grandfather had come to America in 1912 so he did not get to spend much time with his older brother Angelo.  He did name his son Angelo, after his beloved brother.  He also forbid his children to ride bicycles.   It is such a sad story. 

  4. Jyturbine said:

    Cj is your name Carolyn Jean K? If so, your mother is my wife Carla,s cousin,  Please reply if this is correct.  I am finishing making a family tree and would like more info for it. If you are the correct person, I have  listings on the family tree for your husband and sister and her husband.  John

  5. Carolyn Kostew Eyerly said:

    Wow, just seeing this four years later. Yes, my name is Carolyn. My mother is Ivanna, daughter of Anton, who was the son of Antonia Casalini Nikolich (my great grandmother and sister of Angelo)

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