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John McGregor Watt

Mr John McGregor (Jack) Watt was born in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, England on 21 October 1889. The child of Scottish parents, he was the son of James Watt, a steelworks labourer, and the former Helen Allan, both natives of Aberdeen. He had one elder brother James, and two sisters, Willamhina and Helen, both elder. 

John’s parents died when he was young and by the time of the 1901 census he and his brother James were inmates and the Barrow-in-Furness district workhouse. His whereabouts over the intervening years are not clear but in 1912, at the age of 22, he was aboard the Carpathia as a waiter, when that ship rescued the survivors of the Titanic disaster.

It is not clear how long Watt remained in the service of the Carpathia; in January 1915, described as a valet and giving his last permanent residence as Cornwall, Watt emigrated to the USA aboard the Lapland, headed to new employers at the Hotel Belleclaire in Manhattan. Shortly after his arrival he petitioned for citizenship—once in New York and again in Texas—and by that point he was serving with the US Army at Ellington Field, Texas. He later worked for the Columbia Yacht Club in New York, crewing a number of their registered private yachts.

Juliet Heath Watt
Juliet Heath

A resident of New York City, in 1939 Watt married French-born dancer and actress Juliet Domergue (b. 1 November 1889), known professionally as Juliet Heath. With his wife he managed the eponymous theatrical agency Juliette Heath Enterprises in New York and he would also work at the New York City Recording Company as a supervisor. During the 1940s he jobbed as a repair man at the Empress George Corporation whilst Juliet worked as a booking agent. In 1958 the couple retired to Bicknell, Indiana, where Mrs Watt’s sister lived.

John Watt died aged 85 at the Good Samaritan Hospital on 14 July 1975 following a heart attack; he was buried at Bicknell IOOF Cemetery (Bicknell Memorial Cemetery). Juliet died the following year, on 25 February 1976.

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