Samuel Horatio Williams

RMS Carpathia Waiter

Mr Samuel Horatio Williams was born at 15 Bran Street in Toxteth, Liverpool, England on 17 May 1884. One of six children, he was the son of John Williams, a bookkeeper, and Mary Ann Griffiths, both natives of Liverpool. 

From his teens Williams worked as a labourer, possibly at the docks; his first seagoing voyage was as a steward aboard the Salaga in April 1908. By 1911 he was working aboard the Carmania and residing in Wavertree.

In April 1912 Williams was a waiter aboard the Carpathia when that ship rescued the survivors of the Titanic disaster. He continued his career at sea for many years.

Samuel was married on Christmas Day 1915 to Edith Ann Abernethy (b. 20 May 1885) and they had four children: Horatio, George, Eileen and Albert.

Samuel Horatio Williams died on 16 April 1964 and was later buried in Toxteth Park Cemetery.


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Brian J. Ticehurst, UK

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