Eleanor Barnard Danforth

Carpathia First Cabin Passenger

Eleanor Barnard Danforth

Eleanor Barnard Danforth was born in Gardiner, Maine, USA on 14 October 1889. She was the daughter of Frederic Danforth, a civil engineer, and Caroline Stevens. She had two elder siblings and the family lived at Pleasant Street in Gardiner. 

Eleanor was travelling aboard the Carpathia with her aunt Eleanor Stevens and two others, bound for a vacation in the Mediterranean. On the morning of 15 April Eleanor had awoken early—it was still dark—and went out on deck where she encountered a crewman who told her that they were going to assist the Titanic.

“…When the day fully dawned the sight was magnificent, but terrifying. Our ship was surrounded by icebergs, one ice field being 20 miles long, so the steward told me… Finally the first lifeboat was sighted. We came upon it quickly. It was about half-full of people, some wearing only their nightclothes. One man wore his dress suit. Some of the women were bareheaded and in their evening clothes.
The people in the lifeboat were calm, but their faces were drawn and all were shivering from the cold. There was not the slightest panic connected with their transfer to the Carpathia...”   The Boston Globe, 23 April 1912

Miss Danforth assisted the survivors and conversed with many, drawing the conclusion that several remained in disbelief that she ship had foundered. She also was in high praise of Captain Rostron, finding him “genial and accommodating, but stern and strict when conditions required.”

Miss Danforth, her aunt and their two companions disembarked at New York, deciding not to continue onward with their journey to the Mediterranean, with perhaps their recent experiences having jaded their confidence in sea travel.

Despite these apparent misgivings, Eleanor remained an avid-globetrotter and she was married in Honolulu, Hawaii in June 1917 to engineer James Ogg (b. 13 April 1878), a Scots-born resident of that US Territory; their only child, Robert Danforth Ogg, was born in June 1918. The small family remained frequent travellers across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 

Eleanor Ogg, née Danforth, died in Gorham, Maine on 18 July 1974 and she was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Gardiner. 

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