Roger Brooke Taney Anderson

Carpathia First Cabin Passenger

Roger Brooke Taney Anderson

Fr Roger Brooke Tanney Anderson was born in Baltimore, Maryland on 4 January 1878 the son of Winfield S. Anderson and Mary Taney.  Through his mother he was a grandson of  Roger B. Taney chief justice of the United States.

In 1910 he was listed as part of the Holy Cross Monastery in West Park New York. 

An Episcopal priest he was a first class passenger aboard the RMS Carpathia when it rescued the survivors of the Titanic disaster.

Later he did missionary work in the West Indies and elsewhere, and served with the military during world war one.

19818 Passport

He died in 22 June 1963 and is buried at Druid Ridge Cemetery, Pikesville, Baltimore, Maryland

Research Articles

Günter Bäbler Titanica! (2019) Carpathia Passenger List

Newspaper Articles

New York Times (19 April 1912) Those Who Saw the Rescue
Baltimore Sun (20 April 1912) Read Service for Victims: Rev. R.B.T.Anderson Well Known in Baltimore

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1910 US Federal Census
RMS Carpathia: First Class Passenger List printed on board


United States Passport Applications, 1795-1925
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  1. Chris Pitt said:

    Does anyone know of the passenger list for the Carpathia before picking up the Titanic Survivors?

  2. Lou Kerr said:

    Chris, This is next to no help for you but I have seen a listing of the 1st and 2nd class passengers somewhere on the net. I did a quick search and was not able to easily identify the site. I think I printed off the list and if I can find the printout I'll post the address here. Anyway, what you are looking for is somewhere out there in cyberspace! Lou

  3. David Eugene Helms said:

    hi mr. kerr. i too am seeking a carpathia passenger list on board when the titanic survivors were rescued. can you offer any help? thanks.

  4. Craig Stringer said:

    Just for interest, Mrs S.C. Vandeventer was Mrs Silas C. Van Deventer of St. Louis. She had been born Margaret Cowell. Mrs Albert Huber was her daughter Maude, while P. O. Vandeventer was her son, Percy Onward. (Thanks to Dave Lossos).Wallace Bradford was travelling with his wife, Agnes. Miss Birkhead was the niece of Miss Sue Eva Rule. Both had been born in Louisiana, but lived in St. Louis. Mrs Iddiols was Olga. Also Frank Blackmarr returned to America with Cecil R. Frances later in the year. Regards Craig

  5. avatar

    Donald J A Smith said:

    'Carpathia' First Class passenger "Miss Mary H Fabin" on the Chicago Cunard Office list (as it was quoted in an earlier posting on this thread) should read: "Miss Mary H Fabian". Mary wrote of the rescue: while aboard.

  6. Erika Mendoza said:

    I was wondering if anyone knew the names and locations of passengers aboard the Carpathia that are still alive today?

  7. Viktor Mozes said:

    Has anybody found the full Carpathia passenger list (incl. 3rd class passengers)? I'm searching for my grand-grandmother /Mrs. Istvan (Stephen) Kucsmar, maiden name: Erzsebet (Elisabeth) Botka/ and her first husband /Mr. Istvan (Stephen) Kucsmar/ among the (3rd class, I suppose) passengers. They were coming back to their homeland, Hungary. She has died in 1961, 12 years before I was born, so all I have is a family legend of her voyage to America (including Carpathia and the Titanic disaster). Any help is welcome.

  8. avatar

    Michael H. Standart said:

    Viktor, you might want to try running a search through the Ellis Island Archives at If you have full information concerning the passenger's first and last name as well as the date of birth, that would also be helpful.

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Günter Bäbler, Switzerland

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